Welcome to our Makers’ Shop

We are David and Kim Squirrell, maker and artist working together to create handcrafted books, prints, greetings cards and letterpress.

Our bricks and mortar shop and bookbindery  is located in Bridport, Dorset at 29a West Allington and open from Weds- Sat from 11 am -5pm. 

Our Print Room is open by appointment only.

As an art and craft partnership we bring the precision and skill of the bookbinder and the imagination of the artist to our craft, share skills and curate handcrafted work both beautiful and useful, to enrich everyday life.

We celebrate contemporary craft-workers and artists by showcasing their work, each individual brings a new dimension to the space and our making.

From the wood-turner who planted the tree to the painter who chooses linen and pigments, makers and artists are connected to their material in a host of ways, their inspiration and process illuminates the work and is a story rich in the telling.

Follow our stories, browse our gallery, start shopping, or better still come and visit us in Bridport.

If you see anything you like on our Instagram page just drop us a line. We’re happy to arrange remote payments and sell directly from the shop. 

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