Maker Stories

Number 29a is an iconic Victorian shop, ornate, bijou and featuring an elegant spiral staircase.  Situated in a prominent residential area of the town it had lain empty for some years and Bridport was buzzing once word got out that it had been let, so we had to rise to the challenge and get our little makers shop off the ground quickly. We called on friends to contribute so that we could open up in time for Christmas. Four weeks later and our books sit alongside beautiful pots, cushions, prints, glass, woodwork and handlettering. We’ve asked three of our makers to introduce themselves and tell us something about their work.

Sophie Sharp: artist and printmaker

Most of my designs start out as lino cuts, combining the hand carved and crafted effect of lino prints with the crisp clean effect of the screen print. I’m Inspired by Indian textiles and artists and pattern makers such as Bawden, Ravilious, Marthe Armitage and William Morris. Most of my design ideas come from my garden and the wider natural world.

Katkin Tremayne: potter

Katkin Tremayne bowlI’ve been making wheel thrown pottery for 40 years and love the directness of the process. My fascination with storytelling, myths and symbols is reflected in my designs depicting mythic animals. In recent years I’ve become more interested in the different possibilities of glaze and more abstract decoration. I’m currently modifying the shape of thrown pieces, throwing in a looser way and experimenting with decorating using poured or brushed slips. I’m also playing with the thickness of the glaze and firing to slightly higher temperatures, this results in a runnier, increasingly melted glaze, with beautiful, unpredictable results. With the animal pieces, the design can become obscured and misty, an effect which adds to the mystery of the work.

Jemma Thompson: traditional sign-painter, artist and gilder

jemma thompson signwritingCompelled by a need for creative expression and the joyful absorption of drawing a line ~ I trained at John Moore’s University in Liverpool and later South Devon College Sign school in Torquay. My studio is in the centre of Bridport and I have completed work for many small businesses in town, including: signage for The Bull Hotel, Fruits of the Earth, gilding The Town Hall weather vane and I also designed the front entrance door of tourist information, as well as the shop signage for the wonderful ink & page.